Hot Accessories Deals

Our accessories hot deals are back, we are overstocked on the CP200D ValueMax PRO battery. We never offered a price so low, when they're gone, they're gone. Browse through the ValueMax PRO brand of accessories, our very own brand, that we stand behind and are constantly testing to bring you extraordinary value.

Hot Accessories Deals


We are overstocked on the ValueMax PRO CP200D Batteries and need to clear out inventory quickly, the lowest price you're ever going to find, same quality as Motorola, but a lot less expensive.

CP200D 6-Unit Charger

Take a look at our ValueMax PRO CP200D Battery Charger, you can use it in the vehicle with the 12v input, and it has interchangeable pockets. Double the warranty than the Motorola original.

Best microphone on the planet

Our Super Heavy-duty Waterproof Speaker Microphone is light years ahead than the Motorola original, and a lot less money too. Did you know it also has double the warranty?

2nd Best microphone on the planet

If you don't need super tough and super rugged, then try our Heavy-duty Speaker Microphone, built to last with a two-year warranty, better than the Motorola original, and a lot less money also.