CP200D Li-ion Battery - 2200 mAh - ValueMax PRO

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  • SKUVMP-M4497-PRO

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This battery gives you maximum bang for your dollar, our very own ValueMax PRO battery is built by multiplier, a leader in battery technology. It's made to fit the Motorola CP200D radio perfectly, and works with your existing battery charger.

Same warranty as the original Motorola battery, and we offer a 100% back guarantee. We are proud to offer this battery as part of our ValueMax PRO family. This Premium Lithium-ion (Li-ion) 7.2v battery, 2200 mAh, is designed to provide reliable power to ensure your radio is fully functioning at all times.

As a special bonus, we are offering a free battery clip, a $5.99 dollar value free with purchase.

Compatible with Battery Chargers WPLN4138, WLN4161 & NNTN8353

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