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Motorola 2 way radios online tutorial and training, the more you know, the more you can appreciate how Motorola radios can make a difference in your day to day business operations. We're expanding our online tutorial and training area based on customer feedback. The more you know about Motorola radios and related equipment, the more your business can benefit. Please don't hesitate to drop us a line, we appreciate your feedback.

Our internal blog information system consists of 4 categories, anything pertaining to radios, radio accessories and everything else. Lots of information here, as more and more become available, we will continue posting.

Blog Categories

Radio Stuff

Two-Way Radio Info

Useful information and tips, when it comes to Two-Way and Marine Radios.

Other Stuff

Two-Way Other Info

Interesting information when it comes to other stuff, including the kitchen sink.

Current Promotions

Current Promotions

Motorola current promotions, including coupons, trade-ins and additional savings.

Want to increase your knowledge about two-way radios?

Our online short course will help you better understand the basics of two-way radios, and the terminology behind them. Everything from introduction, to antennas, towers and transmission lines to system enhancement.

Learn what affects range and coverage, and learn a bit more about frequency spectrum. If you have any questions we are just a phone call away, happy learning from

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