Motorola EVX-S24 Radios

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2-Way Radios - Commercial
Lead-time 5 -10 days
Analog & Digital
256 Channels
Best Rating
IP 67 (Water Submersible and Dust)
Limited Display
$200.01 - $300.00
No - Common Stock
No Fee - If return within 30 days in new condition
Education, Hospitality, Property Management, Retail Store

Motorola EVX-S24 Compact Powerhouse Radio - Digital Ready

Introducing the Motorola EVX-S24 Two-Way Radios – the ultimate communication solution that combines compact design, enhanced digital performance, and robust functionality to keep your team connected in any environment. With its sleek, discreet profile and lightweight build, the EVX-S24 is engineered for professionals who demand excellence and efficiency in their communication tools.

Exceptional Digital Performance

Step into the future of communication with the digital prowess of the EVX-S24. Offering clearer audio quality, extended coverage, and longer battery life, this radio ensures your message is heard loud and clear, regardless of your location. The transition from analog to digital has never been easier, with the EVX-S24 designed to operate in both modes, facilitating smooth migration at your own pace.

Lightweight Yet Durable

Don't be fooled by its light frame; the EVX-S24 is built to withstand the rigors of daily use and has an IP 67 rating. It meets IP dust and water protection standards, making it perfect for use in challenging conditions. Whether you're coordinating events, managing construction sites, or overseeing facility operations, the EVX-S24 delivers reliable performance in any setting.

Enhanced Features for Improved Communication

The EVX-S24 is packed with features designed to optimize operational efficiency. With enhanced voice clarity and privacy, emergency alerts, and the ability to customize features such as call alerts and radio check, maintaining team coordination and safety has never been easier. Additionally, its digital technology allows for double the call capacity on a single license, providing cost-effective scalability for growing teams.

Invest in Superior Communication

The Motorola EVX-S24 Two-Way Radios are more than just communication devices; they are an investment in enhancing your team's coordination, responsiveness, and productivity. Ideal for businesses and professionals across various industries, the EVX-S24 offers the perfect blend of performance, durability, and discretion to meet your communication needs. Elevate your communication strategy with the Motorola EVX-S24 Two-Way Radios and experience unparalleled connectivity and efficiency.

UHF Motorola EVX-S24 Radio

This Motorola EVX-S24 Analog & Digital UHF radio is a good choice if you plan to use the radio indoors. UHF, Ultra High Frequency signals don't travel quite as far outdoors as VHF signals, but they do a better job of penetrating things like wood, steel, and concrete, this give you better range and performance in urban environments and around many buildings. UHF radios also have a smaller antenna.


EVX-S24 Enhanced Functionality Benefits:

  • Water Submersible and Dust Proof (IP67)
  • 256 Channels/ 16 Groups
  • 4 Programmable Keys
  • 8 Character Alphanumeric Display
Safety Features:
  • Lone Worker Alert
  • Emergency Alert
  • Multiple Scan Options
  • Better Radio Call Quality with AMBE+2™ Vocoder
  • Battery Status Indicator (Low Battery Alert)
  • Battery Saver
  • Busy Channel Lock Out (BCLO)
  • Time Out Timer
  • Key Lock
  • AF Minimum Volume
  • Auto Power Off
  • Escalating Alerts
  • Low Power
  • Whisper Mode
  • RSSI Indicator
  • Internal VOX (VH-190 Required)
Signaliing Features:
  • MDC-1200® ANI Encode
  • MDC-1200 ANI
  • MDC-1200 Call Alert
  • MDC-1200 Sel Call
  • MDC-1200 Radio Check
  • MDC-1200 Stun/Revive
  • FleetSync® ANI Encode
  • CTCSS/DCS Encode and Decode
  • 2-Tone Encode/Decode
  • 5-Tone Encode/Decode
  • Stun/Kill/Revive (5-Tone and DTMF Pager)
  • DTMF Encode/Decode
  • DTMF Paging
  • DTMF Speed Dial
Analog Mode Features:
  • Busy Tone Lock Out (BTLO)
  • Auto Range Transponding System (ARTS™)
  • Voice Inversion Encryption
Digital Mode Features:
  • Direct Mode
  • Transmit Interrupt
  • Site Search
  • Message Control and Privacy
  • Text Message
  • All, Group and Private Call
  • Basic and Enhanced Privacy
  • Radio Check
  • Remote Monitor (Decode)
  • Call Alert
  • Call History
  • Simplex Only and Repeater Capable Encryption
  • Emergency
  • Radio Enable/Disable
Scan Options:
  • Scan (Mixed Mode - Analog/Digital Channels)
  • Scan (Operator Selectable On/Off)

The EVX-S24 is made to last. It is rated IP67 (splashproof, virtually dustproof), so it can be used even in harsh environments. Moreover, it has been proven tough in Motorola’s grueling Accelerated Life Test program, in which the design must survive a simulated 5 years of hard service before it is accepted.

About this Radio

Motorola EVX-S24 Two-Way Radios: Tough little Radio

Meet the Motorola EVX-S24, the two-way radio designed to keep your team connected, no matter where the job takes them. This compact and lightweight device is not only discreet but also built to withstand the toughest conditions, thanks to its impressive IP67 rating.

Equip your team with the Motorola EVX-S24 and experience the difference that top-tier communication can make. Stay connected, stay productive, and stay ahead with the EVX-S24 two-way radio. Order now and take your team's communication to the next level.

Part Number:
  AC146U502-MOT-NA - UHF Analog / Digital - Black
AC146U512-MOT-NA - UHF Analog / Digital - Yellow

Battery Type:
  Li-ion, 2300 mAh - PMNN4468
Channel Spacing:
What's in the Box:
  1 Radio, 1 Battery, 1 Clip, 1 Antenna, 1 Charger
Intrinsically Safe:
Output Power:
  3 Watts
Channel Capacity:
  256 Channels
IP Rating:
  IP 67 (Dust and Water Ingres Protection)
Radio Display:
Radio Keypad:
Average Battery Life:
  14.5 hours on Analog mode / 18.5 hours on Digital mode
Frequency Band:
  UHF (403 - 470 MHz)
Radio Technology:
  Analog / Digital
Radio Warranty:
  3 Years Standard Warranty
Extended Warranty Option:

Standard Package Includes:
- Standard Battery (Li-ion, 2300 mAh - PMNN4468
- Standard Antenna (ATU-20DS)
- Standard Micro USB AC Charger (PA-57B)
- Clip 27 Belt Clip
- Standard 3 Year Warranty

Standard Product Features:
- 256 Channels
- 4 Programmable Buttons
- 500mW Internal Speaker
- Emergency Alert
- Lone Worker Alert
- Multi-Mode Scanning
- Internal VOX
- ARTS TM (Auto-Range Transpond System)

Signaling Features:
- CTCSS/DCS Encode / Decode
- 2-Tone / 5-Tone
- Stun/Kill/Revive (5-Tone & DTMF Pager)
- MDC1200 Features
- Fleetsync® ANI

Analog Features:
- Voice Inversion Encryption

Digital Features:
- All Call/Group Call /Individual Call
- Transmit Interrupt (Decode Only)
- Dual Capacity Direct Mode
- Basic & Enhanced Privacy
- Site Search
- Text Messaging

Self Quieter frequencies: (Not allowed to use)
403.20 MHz ± 40 kHz
412.80 MHz ± 10 kHz
422.40 MHz ± 40 kHz
432.00 MHz ± 10 kHz
441.60 MHz ± 40 kHz
451.20 MHz ± 10 kHz
460.80 MHz ± 40 kHz
470.40 MHz ± 10 kHz
480.00 MHz ± 40 kHz

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