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Please note: Motorola Solutions is under a supply distribution disturbances. We're doing our best to coordinate with Motorola, but when we call the main headquarters in Chicago, and they say an item is in stock, and then we place an order, we later find out the item is on backorder. Please bear with us and call us concerning any critical items that need instant delivery. We are stocked with customers' top-selling UHF radios, but any VHF radios could take some time.


Motorola PMLN6588, 120 Volts - 6 Unit Rapid Rate Charger, keep your workstation organized with this compact Universal Multi-Unit Charger. The interchangeable charging pockets on this multi-unit charger are designed for mixed fleets and make it a versatile and cost-effective solution. This Multi-Unit Charger consists of a base unit which accommodates six charging locations. Each charging location is fitted with a charging pocket.

It includes 6 inserts, charging pocket (PMNN4080) that are compatible with the CP150, CP200, CP200D, CP040, CP140, CP160, CP180, CP340, CP360, CP380, DEP450, DP1400, EP450, GP3188, GP3688, GP3189, GP3689, PR400/XiR and the P3688 Series Motorola 2-Way Portable Radios. This unit comes with a one-year warranty.

The PMLN6588 contains:
  • 1 Multi-Unit Charger Base unit (PMLN6588)
  • 6 CP200 charging pockets (PMNN4080)
  • 1 regional line cord (3004209T04)

Use the NNTN8460 Charging Pocket with these Motorola batteries

  • NNTN4496 NiCD Battery, 1100 mAh
  • NNTN4497 Li-Ion Battery, 1800 mAh
  • NNTN4970 Li-Ion Battery, 1600 mAh
  • NNTN4851 NiMH Battery, 1400 mAh
  • NNTN4852 NiMH Battery, 1300 mAh, FM
  • PMNN4251 NiMH Battery, 1400 mAh, CE-LPS
  • PMNN4252 NiMH Battery, 1300 mAh, FM, CE-LPS
  • PMNN4253 Li-Ion Battery, 1600 mAh, CE-LPS
  • PMNN4254 Li-Ion Battery, 1800 mAh, CE-LPS
  • PMNN4256 NiCd Battery, 980 mAh, CE-LPS
  • PMNN4258 Li-Ion Battery, 2900mAH, CE-LPS
  • PMNN4259 Li-Ion Battery, 2075mAH, CE-LPS
  • PMNN4072 NiMH Mag One Battery
  • PMNN4098 NiMH Battery, 1400 mAh
  • PMNN4450 Li-Ion Battery, 2800 mAh, 2900T
  • PMNN4458 Li-Ion Mag One Battery, 2050 mAh, 2075T

Use the NNTN8461 Charging Pocket with these Motorola batteries

  • PMNN4080 Li-Ion Hi-Cap Battery, 2150 mAh
  • PMNN4081 Li-Ion Battery, 1500 mAh
  • PMNN4082 NiMH Battery, 1300 mAh
  • PMNN4092 NiMH Battery, 1300 mAh
  • PMNN4404RT Li-Ion Red Battery, 1500 mAh

Please note: the battery locating rail is a removable part which constitutes an adapter to accommodate standard and slim batteries. This Commercial Radio Battery Charger is shipped with the battery locating rail in the standard battery position, not the Slim.

To change to the slim battery position:

  1. Remove the battery locating rail by pinching inward both sides while pulling from the charger pocket.
  2. Turn the battery locating rail around so the back faces the front.
  3. Re-insert into the charger pocket.

Additional inserts that support the CP185 batteries can be purchased and used with this charger.

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