RCA RDR1520 Radios - Analog and Digital in a Compact & Rough Design

The 2-Way RDR1520 RCA Radios are rugged, powerful, extremely affordable, in a compact design. This radio is less than 5 inches tall without an antenna and extremely slim. The RDR1520 2-Way Radio does not require an upgrade to activate Digital Communications, it's already included. Rated IP54 for durability, this small powerhouse comes with a two-year warranty and is built to last.

With 16 channels, mix mode communications, some channels can operate in analog mode and others can operate in digital mode. It comes with an emergency button, loan worker, group and private calling, and mixed mode scanning. The RDR1520 also includes X-Sound HD enhancement, the audio is crystal clear. This is the least expensive path to digital we've ever offered.

The RCA RDR1520 Radio also uses many of the Motorola audio accessories, including speaker microphones and many of Motorola's surveillance kits. All this and more makes this a radio that you should seriously consider.

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Upgrade To Digital At Your Own Speed

Analog and Digital operation will give you the flexibility to upgrade to Digital at your own speed, without sacrificing safety and keeping your business operations running smoothly during the transition period.

RCA RDR1520 Standard Package Includes:
- 1 RDR1520 Radio
- 1 STANDARD, 2000 mAh Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery *
- 1 Drop-In Charger w/ Power Adaptor
- 1 Radio Belt Clip
- 1 Quick Reference Guide
- Two Year Warranty

RDR1520 Product Features:
- Analog and DMR TII Digital Operation
- 32 Analog / Digital Channels
- Repeater Operation Capable
- Two Prong Right Angle Connector
- Voice Annunciation
- Time-out-timer (TOT)
- 2-Tone, 5-Tone, MDC1200 Signalling
- Emergency Alarm
- Lone Worker
- 2 Programmable Keys
- LED Indicator
- Voice Channel Annunciation
- Battery Level Indicator
- CTCSS/DCS Encode/Decode
- DTMF Encode
- VOX - Voice Activated Transmission
- Mixed Mode (Analog / Digital) Scan
- Priority Scan
- Channel Activity Monitor
- Alert Tones On/Off
- Meets IP Standard IP54
- Meets MIL-STD 810 C,D,E,F,G

* Typical battery life with 2000 Upgraded Battery, over 12 hours, 5/5/90 profile at maximum transmitter power.

RDR1520 Digital Mode Specific Features:
- Contact List for Up to 1,000 Records
- All Call, Group Call, Private Call
- PTT ID Encode
- Privacy Voice Encryption
- Radio Check
- Radio Kill / Active
- Remote Radio Monitor
- Emergency Alert
- Lone Worker Alert
- Pre-Saved (Quick)Text Message
- One Touch Access Buttons

RDR1520 More Information:
- Frequency Bands - VHF 136-174 MHz or UHF 400 - 470 MHz
- Dimensions (H x W x D) - 4.9” x 2.1” x 1.1” / 125 x 54 x 30mm
- Weight - 6.5 ounces (184g) with battery
- IP Rating - IP54 (Water Resistant / Dust Resistant)