RCA RDR1520 VHF Radio with Upgraded Battery

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  • SKURDR1520V-B32

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2-Way Radios - Commercial
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RCA RDR1520 VHF 2-Way Radios – Everything you need in a small package

This VHF RDR1520 digital ready 2-Way Radio is one of the most compact and lightweight professional commercial portable radios available today. Designed to be used with the wide range of applications in both digital and analog modes, this radio delivers crystal clear dependable communication, and is ideal for schools, retail stores, and restaurants and many other vertical markets.

It offers basic push to talk functionality with advanced emergency features. Simple and cost-effective, this RCA RDR1520 2-Way portable radio is designed to connect your staff members, efficiently and provide you with reliable communications.

This VHF RCA RDR1520 two-way radios compatible with all major brands, such as Motorola, Kenwood, or Icom. This radio comes standard with 32 channels, a 2000mAh 3200mAh Li-Ion battery, programmable side buttons, and so much more.

This product comes with the RCA upgraded high-power 3200 mAh battery for maximum radio performance at a significant savings.     Talk more, Talk longer

The RDR1520 series radio is backed by an industry leading, hassle-free, Two (2) Year Warranty. The compact RDR1520 series radios provide a powerful 800mW audio, at the same time eliminating background noise and static from the voice transmissions and delivering crystal clear voice message which results in a better, improved radio coverage over legacy analog radios.

This radio is designed to be power efficient, when working in digital mode, the battery power consumption is lowered up to 40%, providing longer operating time which ensures that your employees will stay connected beyond a full working shift.

VHF RCA RDR1520 Radio

This RCA BP200 Analog VHF radio is a good choice if you plan to use the radio outdoor only and in an area that's relatively free of obstacles such as trees and buildings. Very high-frequency signals travel further than UHF, but does not provide the penetrating characteristics of UHF. VHF is also a better choice when traveling. Please check your existing radios to make sure that this RCA BR200 VHF radio is compatible.

Thinking of purchasing a RDR1520 VHF Radio. Please note: over 90% of people who purchase VHF Radios meant to purchase the UHF model instead. If you are not sure which frequency you need, please call us for assistance. Have a look at the RCA UHF RDR1520 version.


RDR1520 Enhanced Functionality Benefits:

  • On/Off and Audio – XSoundTM Enhanced Audio Clarity produces clear, crisp audio that’s 50% louder than Motorola’s CP200.
  • 32 Analog / Digital Channels - plenty of choices for specific departments or groups.
  • 2000mAh 3200mAh Li-Ion Battery Standard - lasts over 17 hours.
  • Programmable Top Emergency Button - alarm button sounds emergency signal. Button can be programmed to transmit voice and/or radio identity or other options.
  • Two Programmable Side Buttons - places your favorite features at your fingertips.
  • Two Prong Right Angle Connector - compatible with Motorola audio accessories.
  • Signaling – 2-Tone, 5-Tone, DTMF Encode/Decode and MDC1200 Encode: PTT ID (identifies outbound calls), Individual/Group Call (receive/place calls from specific individuals or groups), Call Alert (tone indicates new inbound call), and Alarm (sounds alarm or notifies system administrator of emergency).
  • Voice Annunciation - announces channel number when channel is changed.
  • Durable and Reliable - the RDR1520 meets Military Specs (MIL-STD-810F) for durability, shock, extreme temperatures, vibration, dust, and moisture.
  • X-Sound™ Enhanced Audio - delivering crisp and loud voice transmissions even in noisy environments.
  • 2-Year Warranty – Industry leading, hassle-free warranty.

The RDR1520 is made to last. It is rated IP54 (Water-Resistant / Dust Resistant), so it can be used even in harsh environments. This radio is compatible with the Motorola BPR40, CP185, CP200D and SL300 in analog and digital mode.

Additional Features:

  • Analog and DMR TII Digital Operation
  • 32 Analog / Digital Channels
  • Repeater Operation Capable
  • Two Prong Right Angle Connector
  • Voice Annunciation
  • Time-out-timer (TOT)
  • 2-Tone, 5-Tone, MDC1200 Signalling
  • Emergency Alarm
  • Lone Worker
  • 2 Programmable Keys
  • LED Indicator
  • Voice Channel Annunciation
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • CTCSS/DCS Encode/Decode
  • DTMF Encode
  • VOX - Voice Activated Transmission
  • Mixed Mode (Analog / Digital) Scan
  • Priority Scan
  • Channel Activity Monitor
  • Alert Tones On/Off
  • Meets IP Standard IP54
  • Meets MIL-STD 810 C,D,E,F,G
  • Contact List for Up to 1,000 Records
  • All Call, Group Call, Private Call
  • PTT ID Encode
  • Privacy Voice Encryption
  • Radio Check
  • Radio Kill / Active
  • Remote Radio Monitor
  • Emergency Alert
  • Lone Worker Alert
  • Pre-Saved (Quick)Text Message
  • One Touch Access Buttons
  • Frequency Band - VHF 136-174 MHz
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) - 4.9” x 2.1” x 1.1” / 125 x 54 x 30mm
  • Weight - 6.5 ounces (184g) with battery
  • IP Rating - IP54 (Water Resistant / Dust Resistant)
Part Number:
Battery Type:
  3200 mAh Li-ion 7.2v - Upgraded Battery - MSRP: $60.00
Channel Spacing:
What's in the Box:
  1 Radio, 1 Battery, 1 Clip, 1 Antenna, 1 Charger
Intrinsically Safe:
Output Power:
  2 Watts Analog / 3 Watts Digital
Channel Capacity:
  32 Channels
IP Rating:
  IP54 (Water-Resistant / Dust Resistant)
Radio Display:
Radio Keypad:
Average Battery Life:
  Approx. Over 17 hours, high transmit power 3200 mAh battery, 90:5:5 duty cycle
Frequency Band:
  VHF (136 - 174 MHz)
Radio Technology:
  Analog / Digital
Radio Warranty:
  2 Years Standard Warranty
Extended Warranty Option:
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