Motorola increasing pricing on all their products up to 10%

Motorola Solutions has announced a price increase to Professional and Commercial Radios, Infrastructure, Accessories, and Energy - effective on all orders placed on or after January 15, 2022. The price increase will affect both the U.S. and Canada.

Motorola has hesitated increasing pricing, but because of the current situation with the supply distribution disturbance, the semiconductor shortage, not to mention transportation and labor issues, Motorola followed suit from so many other companies. will slowly start to increase pricing within the next coming days, for those with an existing quote, it is imperative that these quotes be turned into orders as quickly as possible. Any quote that is subject to a supply distribution disturbance, we will honor the old pricing.

This is not something that we were looking forward to, but under the current situation, we could see why Motorola had very little choice. Motorola today is in a competitive situation with much larger companies to acquire the necessary raw materials to manufacture their products, especially semiconductors.

We have noticed that products, that we have been waiting on for months, that were due to arrive in January, have now been delayed as far back as April. We are doing our very best to try to offer an alternative, but it is extremely difficult to mimic or reproduce the quality that Motorola brings into the marketplace.

Furthermore, we have always maintained a large inventory, and unlike many other smaller dealers, we do have the most popular radios in stock. However, we too are impacted by the supply distribution disturbance and our inventory is fluctuating more rapidly than usual.

Our recommendation is simple, if you need two-way radios today or intend to upgrade your system, do so now. Do not wait, as the supply distribution disturbance can get worse, which can prompt another price increase in the coming future.

Detail below on the effect of items:

  • Motorola’s Professional and Commercial Radios will increase between 6-10%.
  • Motorola’s Commercial Infrastructure will increase 9.5%.
  • Motorola’s Professional and Commercial Accessories and Energy will increase between 5-10%.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us at 1-866-900-MALL (6255).

For more information regarding Motorola supply chain distribution, please refer to our article, Motorola Supply Disruption – What's up with this?