Info - Motorola Supply Disruption
January 13, 2022
By Ray F.

Info - Motorola announces price increase - Effective immediately!

Motorola Solutions has announced a price increase to Professional and Commercial Radios, Infrastructure, Accessories, and Energy – effective on all orders placed on or after January 15, 2022. The price increase will affect both the U.S. and Canada. — Price increases of up to 10%
Info - Welcome to the new
September 10, 2021
By Linda D.

Info - Welcome to the new - Please enjoy

Welcome to the new edition of, we hope you enjoy what you see. We have taken your feedback seriously, have implemented an entirely new system for an even better customer experience.
Info - Motorola Supply Disruption
September 08, 2021
By Ray F.

Info - Motorola Supply Disruption - What's Up with this?

Why am I waiting so long for my Motorola two-way radios to ship? What's going on with Motorola that they can't produce enough inventory? Is this problem going away anytime soon? Let's explore this and figure out what's going on.
Info - Shipping Insurance is a must
September 10, 2019
By Tony M.

Info - Shipping Insurance is a must - Relax we got this

Shipping insurance is a must for our customers, not an option that you even need to think about. We are one of the few vendors that actually 100% fully insure all shipments, so this does not become a hassle down the road. You have enough to deal with in your life, don't pick a fight with UPS.
Info - Motorola Radio Site Racked #1
July 03, 2012
By Austin A.

Info - Motorola Radio Site Ranked #1 by

We have been ranked one of the major Motorola sites for two-way radios by, we are very honored and will continue to do our best to better ourselves and to increase our customer offerings and services.