CP185 Portable UHF 16CH Analog Radio - 6Pack

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2-Way Radios - Commercial
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Analog Only
16 Channels
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Construction, Education, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Property Management, Retail Store, Security, Transportation

Motorola CP185 Two-Way Radio - for a higher level of productivity

In today's business environment, easy, discreet and prompt communication with your workforce is vital to improving response time, empowering employees to accomplish more in less time and increasing customer satisfaction. Motorola's two-way radios provide a durable, high-quality voice communication solution that helps your business increase productivity and serve your customers in the best manner possible.

Ideal for educational institutions, retail and hospitality businesses, service and manufacturing industries and many other demanding, professional applications, the Motorola CP185 6-pack brings you a robust two-way radio solution. With its extensive feature set, ergonomic shape for comfortable use plus a durable, lightweight, compact design, you get just what it takes to enhance communication while increasing efficiency and productivity.

UHF Motorola CP185 Radio

These Motorola CP185 UHF 6-pack radios are a good choice if you plan to use the radio indoors. UHF, Ultra High Frequency signals don't travel quite as far outdoors as VHF signals, but they do a better job of penetrating things like wood, steel, and concrete, this give you better range and performance in urban environments and around many buildings. UHF radios also have a smaller antenna.


CP185 Enhanced Functionality Benefits:

  • Easy-to-handle - lightweight, compact design.
  • Built-in simple voice scrambling - for increased privacy.
  • VOX ready for hands-free communication — users can focus on the job at hand.
  • 5 programmable buttons — enabling easy, onetouch to up to 10 user-selected features.
  • Multi-channel capability — 16 channels to support communication amongst all your employees.
  • X-Pand™ Technology — providing crisp, clear and strong audio quality in virtually any noisy environment.
  • Standard LiIon battery - provides up to 11 hours (5/5/90 duty cycle) of battery life at high power to meet the demands of your employee’s work shift. A high-capacity battery option is available for those with longer shift requirements or increased communication needs.
  • Rapid-rate drop-in charging — charge radios in less than 3 hours with the included drop-in charger.
  • High power — 5 watt (VHF) / 4 watt (UHF)— adjustable power levels help extend battery life.
  • Repeater capability - when increased coverage is required.
  • Talkaround capability - enabling communication even when a repeater is not being used.
  • Tighter specifications: -70 dB adjacent channel selectivity provides enhanced rejection of interference from strong signals on adjacent channels so you can get your message through clearly.
  • Meets Military 810 - C, D, E and F standards to stand up to the most demanding conditions.

The CP185 offers a full range of Motorola Original® audio, energy and carrying accessories to customize a radio solution specific to your needs. Headsets offer a comfortable, easy communication option when you need your hands free to focus on your operations. A high capacity battery is available to support long shifts common in the retail and hospitality businesses and soft leather carry cases are available as a lightweight and comfortable carrying solution.

The strong performance and extensive features of the CP185 Commercial Portable Radio provides simple, intuitive operation and helps ensure clear, dependable communication.

This radio also supports Mag One™ audio accessories, which provide an affordable option for light-duty radio users.

Part Number:
Battery Type:
  1500 mAh Li-ion 7.2v
Channel Spacing:
What's in the Box:
  6 Radios, 6 Batteries, 6 Clips, 6 Antennas, 6 Chargers
Intrinsically Safe:
Output Power:
  2 - 4 Watts
Channel Capacity:
  16 Channels
IP Rating:
  IP 54 (Splashing Water)
Radio Display:
Radio Keypad:
Average Battery Life:
  4 watts up to 8 Hours / 1 watt up to 11 hours
Frequency Band:
  UHF (435 - 480 MHz)
Radio Technology:
Radio Warranty:
  1 Year Standard Warranty
Extended Warranty Option:
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