Why Is the Motorola CP200D Radio Such a Bestseller?

No matter where you are — at home, in the office, on the field, or seeing the world — you need to communicate effectively. But that isn’t enough, is it?

Motorola CP200D - a bestseller among two-way radios

Whatever you use should be portable, well-made, and capable of handling every task you want from a two-way radio.

The Motorola CP200D radio was designed for just this purpose. It's light enough to be carried around by workers all day, yet tough enough to survive regular use regardless of where your ventures may take you.

But what features does this radio model have that makes it special? The Motorola CP200D is a popular two-way radio because it combines incredible durability with function and versatility.

Don’t underestimate this radio. It may look plain, but its features are far from simple. To truly understand why this two-way radio is a bestseller, you need to peek inside its sturdy case and discover the features that make it the hottest walkie-talkie on the market.

The Motorola CP200D Offers Impressive Durability

One of the main reasons why experts use this Motorola model in the field is because of how long these units last. Built to U.S. Military Standards, these radios can really take a beating without breaking!

This particular model is IP54 Rated. That means Motorola employs a battery of tests that they call the Accelerated Life Test program to determine if these radios can last five years in harsh conditions.

Without malfunctioning, the CP200D is resistant to:

  • Shock
  • Vibration
  • -22 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 30 minute in rain and wind
  • 6 hours in dust
  • 48 hours in salt solution

If you plan to put this PTT (Push to Talk) radio through more than this, they aren’t paying you enough.

Both Analog and Digital

If you used the CP200 model in the past, you will be familiar with most if not all the features of the CP200D besides this one. The Motorola CP200D is both an analog and digital two-way radio at the same time. You don’t have to choose, and can switch back and forth as your environment changes.

If you want to use analog only, that’s okay. When you’re ready, you can incorporate digital features into your experience with a simple upgrade. - This is a big deal!

Two-way radio communication is making a comeback in the business world thanks to digital options.

You don’t have to suffer from lost signals or only hear part of every message. With digital radio, your voice carries crystal clear, even at a whisper (through Automatic Gain Control).

There are a variety of other benefits to using digital two-way radios, including:

  • Better sound quality
  • Longer battery life (up to 4 hours more)
  • Extended Range Mode
  • GPS compatibility
  • Noise cancellation
  • Added security
  • Software integrations

The bottom line is: Digital offers flexibility for businesses to incorporate more modern technologies. This helps you to save money, increase efficiency, and boost productivity.

MOTOTRBO ™ Radio Features

The Motorola CP200D is a part of the MOTOTRBO™ radio family and has all the value that you have grown to love. When we say it’s packed with all the extras that count, we aren’t kidding!

With the ability to use a repeater to increase its range, this radio can talk much further, beyond that of a single transmitter. Your conversations are also kept confidential because it supports private lines. And you can use it hands-free thanks to the VOX feature!

Even though this push to talk model doesn’t have a screen, it has all the basic options for:

  • Feedback
  • Calling
  • Scanning
  • Monitoring

Where Can I Buy Motorola CP200D Radios?

If you have a business that communicates in a large area and requires a reliable connection at all times, the CP200D is the perfect solution. Popular in construction, hospitality, or field service industries, wherever your job may take you, this durable Motorola radio can help you tackle the job like a boss.

Shop Motorola CP200D Radios with us today and take advantage of fully insured shipments and free programming for the life of the radio.

If you’re not sure which radio is right for you, speak with an expert. My Radio Mall has been in the business of selling Motorola radios for over 30 years. We can help you find exactly what you need.

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