Welcome to our new site.

We want to welcome everyone to the new MyRadioMall.com, this project has been in the works for many years. Our old site was using outdated software, and we needed to bring it into the future. The new site is more compact, faster loading, more mobile friendly and easier to find products.

We don't believe in multi-menus, or multiple layers of submenus, we wanted to make sure that you have different ways to find your products. All our products are two clicks away, using multiple search methods.

Our main menu, has everything you need to navigate to the area that you're looking for, without it being overly complex. We wanted to keep our design simple and to the point. We didn't want pages that would just scroll down forever. If you require additional information, you can click one of our drop-down boxes, and the information will appear for your review.

We are also offering, new payment options, but one of the most important things, is the reduced shipping rates. Unlike many vendors that don't ensure shipping to customers, we needed to keep our rates down while still maintaining protection, if shipment problems do occur.

We can now offer rates which are 30% to 60% less expensive while still maintaining customer protection. Our exclusive deal with UPS, using up-to-date technology, accomplishes that.

If you not sure why we fully ensure all shipments, please have a look at the following article: Shipping Insurance is a must - Relax, we got this.

Here are just some of the few features that we hope you will enjoy.

  • Better & more payment options
  • Ability to add notes to an order, even after an order is placed
  • Better website navigation
  • Faster Webpage load speeds
  • Better mobile device rendering
  • Better contact and after hours options
  • New two-way radio model lookup feature
  • New internal information blog
  • A virtual product finder with options
  • Easier access to PDF files and product information
  • Enhanced customer security with detached database
  • More product selection, including our own personal brand ValueMax PRO™
  • Now offering Portable & Mobile Marine radios
  • Quality aftermarket products, tested by us
  • Professional line of radios and accessories
  • and so much more ...

We hope you enjoy our new site, and you are welcome to drop us a line.

The MyRadioMall.com team

Important note: WE ARE NOT using a SAAS platform. Many "Software As A Service" platforms spy on the information being maintained on their systems. They do this for advertising purposes, and also to make sure that they can squeeze out as much money from the business owners, depending on the volume of sales.

We own our system, we have full access to the Secure Cloud Servers, no one else does. We have full access to our source code, we decide who has access to your information, and will never sell your information to third-party marketing agencies. No one outside this company has access to your information. We also, DO NOT USE A OPEN-SOURCE DATABASE!

We maintain two separate secure servers, in the unlikely event that the website ever gets compromise, your data is nowhere to be found. It doesn't exist on the Web server. PERIOD !!!!!

Our competitors cannot say that.