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MyRadioMall, an authorized Motorola dealer, is dedicated to building lasting partnerships with businesses seeking to enhance their Motorola radio communications while optimizing costs. Our highly skilled sales representatives, equipped with in-depth product knowledge, are here to guide you in selecting the most suitable radio for your specific application and environment.

At MyRadioMall, all our Motorola and RCA radios can be programmed (free of charge) to match each other or your current units. As a testament to our commitment to customer satisfaction, we are proud to offer free lifetime radio reprogramming, a service that is unparalleled in the industry.

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Here is some quick information about our top-selling radios.

Please note that this information will change depending on our customers' purchasing habits. These are some personal notes regarding each radio to better assist you.

R2 Radios

The R2 is the replacement for the highly popular CP200D radio. It is extremely rugged and slightly smaller than the original CP200D. All accessories for CP200D, except the battery, will function properly with this radio.

CP100D Radios

The CP100D is the highly anticipated replacement for the CP185 radio. In contrast to its analog-only predecessor, the CP100D is available in multiple versions. If you're seeking a budget-friendly option, the CP100D offers an analog-only version at a significantly reduced cost. Additionally, the analog version supports voice scrambling and can be ordered with or without a display. Furthermore, you have the option to upgrade the analog-only version to digital in the future.

BPR40 Radios

The little workhorse, also known as the Mag-One, was originally designed by the engineers at Vertex Standard. Although this radio uses older technology, it is extremely popular because of its durability and price. This radio will soon be replaced by Motorola.

SL300 Radios

When the SL300 radio first came out, people didn't know what to think. With its thin housing and a display that's built inside the radio housing (99 Channel version only), it became a hit, especially in the hospitality industry. Supervisors and managers could just carry the radio in their top pocket. The only drawback to this radio is that it only puts out three watts, as opposed to the other radios in this group that can put out up to 5 watts. Its ability to decode PTT Radio ID is still extremely popular.

23x0 Radios

This radio is very popular and is often considered a replacement for CP200. However, unlike CP200, this radio can also transmit using digital technology, something that CP200 couldn't do. The digital upgrade comes at no extra cost. Our best-selling model is the RCA Radio.

BR200 Radios

This is probably the best deal on the planet! This radio is extremely tiny and fits in the palm of your hand. It can deliver over five watts of power and comes with 16 channels. It is analog only, and for the price, it cannot be beaten.

DTR700 Radios

This radio stands out from the rest because it operates on an extremely high bandwidth of 900 megahertz. Unlike other radios in its class, it only operates in digital mode and lacks an analog setting. Users can program it using free software, and it does not require a license to operate. Its digital features make it extremely popular with learning institutions.

EVX-S24 Radios

This extremely tough little radio is very compact, it has a rating of IP67, making it one of the most rugged portable radios Magnufacture by Motorola. Originally this was a Vertex Standard radio carried over to the Motorola line. The only drawback to this radio is it has a maximum of only three watts, But it is an extremely reliable radio.