Shipping Insurance is a must - Relax, we got this.

In our industry, we are one of the few companies that fully insures their shipments. This may not have any significant meaning unless you have been on the other end of a UPS dispute.

We deal strictly with UPS because we have found them to be more reliable than the alternatives, but that does not mean problems cannot arise. By default, UPS only ensures a shipment up to $100. Anything over $100, you have the option of using UPS own insurance carrier or a third-party carrier.

When companies offer free shipping, or reduce shipping, they accept the UPS default. Anything over that, these companies will claim, that it is your responsibility for anything over that amount. Just read the fine print on their terms of sales.


All orders are shipped with standard UPS insurance up to $100. If you would like to increase the shipping insurance for your order, please call us at: 1-800-xxx-xxxx. All orders are shipped without a signature required. All issues pertaining to the shipment and delivery of equipment by UPS should be disputed directly with the United Parcel Service. XXX Company assumes no responsibility for damaged or lost equipment during the shipping process. Duties and taxes when shipping outside the US may be charged by the shipping provider. XXX Company is not responsible for the payment of these charges for delivery.

Not only will they not help you with a UPS claim that can take weeks for UPS to even acknowledge the claim, but they're asking you to deal directly with UPS, when it's actually the shipper's responsibility to do so.

In other words, you order $1000.00 in merchandise and pay a minimal fee or free shipping. Your merchandise never gets delivered, and you reach out to UPS to submit a claim. UPS will instruct you that you must contact the shipper for them to file a claim for you. After all is said and done, the maximum that you will receive from UPS will be $100.00, and even that amount is paid to the shipper, and it's the shipper's responsibility to cut you a check.

So now you think that you can get the credit card company involved and file a claim against the vendor. The vendor will submit proof that they used a third-party shipping service, and that shipping service has paid an insurance claim. The credit card company will rule against you, and not only will you be responsible for the $900.00 differences, but you're stuck without the merchandise.

It happens more often than you think. We fully ensure all our shipments. Anything over $750.00 we require a signature. Since our primary business is B2B, this is not an issue for most of our customers, since they either have a shipping department or a front desk service they will sign for deliveries.

If your merchandise is lost, we will immediately get involved with filing a claim, but most important, shipping new merchandise to you within a 24 to 48-hour period.

We offer reduced rates on our shipping, we offer fully insured shipping, and we never pass this burden to you. Just read the fine print, when you do business with any vendor.