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What is Value Added Service?

Even the BIG BOYS like to save money on
Motorola Radios and Accessories!

Real Dollars Bonus Points transactions include Real Dollars that add up.
Used for additional discounts on existing or future purchase.

The Trade-up Program alone has saved
our customers thousands of dollars!

What if your Radio gets damaged beyond repair or is too old to work?
Just trade it in for a new one at max-tier pricing and save.

FREE Radio Programming

FREE Lifetime Radio Reprogramming

We will reprogram any 2-way business radio purchased through Other vendors can charge up to $69.99 per Radio just for 1 reprogramming change.



All transactions include Real Dollar Bonus Points that add up. These bonus points can be used for additional discounts on any existing or future purchase. Tens of thousands of dollars have been paid back to our loyal customers; we reward our customers not only through good customer service, extremely fair pricing but with cash back as well. Don't you deserve some cash back today?

FREE HELP from Motorola Technicians

FREE HELP from Motorola Technicians

Not sure who to ask or where to turn? Need to talk to someone who's not trying to sell you or oversell you on a product? Where are here to help. What you need and only what you need, even if you're not our customer. You can always talk to our Motorola factory trained technicians, Free of charge. Our senior technicians are FCC licensed by the federal government and are willing to help you with any issues you might have.

FREE Battery Reconditioning

FREE Battery Reconditioning

What to get maximum charge from your batteries? Send us the batteries back within the warranty period, and we will recondition your batteries, so they work like new. Any battery that does not meet Motorola specifications will be replaced immediately, no questions asked, we will do so at no additional charge for all our customers.

NO Radio Programming Lock-Out

NO Radio Programming Lock-Out

We never lock your radios with a pass code to prevent you from accessing your own information. Many vendors password protect 2-way radios so only they have access to any reprogramming. This forces you to use only one vendor, THEM! We don't password protect your information on your two-way radios and force you only to deal with us. Your radios are your radios, and you're free to go anywhere you wish for service. We even work with our competitors to make sure that the benefit you receive from your Motorola two way equipment is maximized. 

Credit Card Peace of Mind Protection

Credit Card Peace of Mind Protection

No one, and we mean absolutely no one in the two-way radio industry protects your identity and your credit card information like, our Fraud Protection Plus Software is unique to the industry, detecting credit card fraud even before the major credit card companies can. As the leader and the very first Motorola authorized dealer to provide online shopping, we are light years ahead when it comes to customer protection.

90 Days Credit Card Delete Protection

90 Days Credit Card Delete Protection goes one step further, all inactive credit card information is destroyed 90 days after inactive use. It's no longer about credit card fraud; it's about identity theft that can destroy your life for years to come. We take that extra step to protect our customers.

NEW RADIO Max Discount Replacement

Radio Lifetime Replacement

What if your Radio gets damaged beyond repair? Why pay high prices for a new one? If for any reason during the life of your radio, your radio is deemed unrepairable by Motorola - we will replace your radio at our maximum tier pricing, this is the same price we give our power buyers when they purchase over 150 radios at a time. You can replace your radio at the lowest price available anywhere, for the same or comparable model, in fact, you may find that replacing a radio under this program is even more affordable than getting it fixed.

Access to All your Code-plug information

No more losing your frequencies or information - we will save your information on our secure servers for 10  years. We will provide you, on a computer floppy, your UNLOCKED radio code plug information at the time of sale. You can take this information to any other Motorola authorized dealers for immediate service.

NO Bait and Swicth - Motorola Only Site

NO Bait and Switch - Motorola Only Site

We are 100% MOTOROLA ONLY resellers; we do not include generic accessories or batteries mixed in with regular Motorola original and proven accessories in order to trick you. All our batteries are fresh and Motorola original, don't let the pricing for you. We are 100% Motorola and have been for the last 25 years.

Support Military Shipping Options

Support Military Shipping Options was the first Motorola authorized dealer to offer APO military overseas shipping. We support many military shipping options. We will do what ever is necessary to support our brothers and sisters. If you are in the military and wish to place an order, please review the military shipping guidelines.

We're constantly looking for ways to improve our services to you. All of us at thank you for your service.



As the original and first Motorola authorized radio dealer to go on-line, we have seen many others come and go; we take our responsibility with our customer seriously and offer and provide services that no one else can match. Expect the best overall value on-line when dealing with, Motorola's original and first on-line retailer.

Value Added Service

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