Portable and Mobile Professional Radios

Having MOTOTRBO radios at the heart of your organization will help you achieve new levels of productivity, safety and efficiency. The extensive portfolio means you can custom-build your complete solution including radios, infrastructure, systems, accessories, applications and services designed around what you need today and in the future.

MOTOTRBO radios are made to last. Our rugged, waterproof and intrinsically safe radios endure a rigorous Accelerated Life Testing (ALT) purpose-built device which simulates up to 5 years of field use. We design and engineer MOTOTRBO products to survive the harsh conditions of everyday business.

Whether you want ultra-light portables or extra-tough mobiles, integrated Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi® or industry-leading data applications, MOTOTRBO has the right devices and systems to fit your workforce now, and allows you to evolve as your enterprise grows.

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We believe that whether you decide to purchase or not, you should always have some prior knowledge of what you're looking. With us as your ally, you can become a 2-way radio expert in no time; or if you just wish to know enough to make an informed decision, we'll help you as well.

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PROFESSIONAL RADIOS - The ideal communication solution for larger organizations with more complex communication needs such as manufacturing, warehousing, collegiate campuses, resorts, utilities and public service operations.

  • The most robust solution
  • Variety of scanning and signaling options
  • High number of channels to organize large work groups
  • Intrinsically safe models for use in hazardous work environments
  • Data applications such as GPS location tracking and text messaging
  • Option board capability to enable customized applications
  • IMPRES audio and energy accessory solutions

Depending on the features and functionality needed for your business, Motorola’s portable and mobile radios have both commercial and professional types. To increase spectrum efficiency and accommodate more users, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is mandating 25 kHz licensees to operate using 12.5 kHz efficiency by January 1, 2013. As a trusted leader in two-way communications, Motorola has been preparing for 12.5 kHz technology for over a decade and offers the broadest choice of two-way radio equipment with close to 60 models capable of operating in 12.5 kHz efficiency.