Motorola Battery Warranty Checker Tool

Motorola Battery Warranty Checker Tool

If your battery has a standard 1-year warranty and you are using a standard charger and your date code is higher than this number, this battery is covered under Motorola warranty: 1938

If your battery is an IMPRES Battery and you are using an IMPRES Charger and your date code is higher than this number, this battery is covered under Motorola warranty: 1912

How does the Motorola Battery checker work?

Our Motorola Battery Warranty checks the date code of your battery to see if it's under warranty.

Look for the three or four-digit code on the back of your battery, three digits indicate that the battery was produced before 2009. The first two number stands for the year, and the last two numbers stand for the week. Our Battery warranty checker understands this and subtracts one year from the current date. If you're using an impress battery 1.5 years are subtracted from today's date.

- All Motorola standard batteries come with a one-year limited warranty.
- All Motorola impress batteries come with a 1.5-year limited warranty.

Please Note

The battery date code alone does not determine if a battery is under warranty, please check your sales receipt. Batteries should be in warranty from the date on your sales receipt or the date from the battery date code. The sales receipt usually takes preference.

When Motorola ships new batteries to vendors, the date code is usually 3 to 6 weeks into the future. Nickel-Cadmium batteries if stored properly can have a shelf life of 2 years, and both Nickel-Metal and Lithium-ion can be stored up to18 months before going into service.

This is why it's important to have a copy of your sales receipt in the event that batteries were purchased in mass quantity and were properly stored in inventory for some time before being shipped. The date code might show that the battery is out of warranty, but the sales receipt will not.

It is important to continuously replace and upgrade your batteries as some battery chemistries suffer memory loss. Memory loss is the gradual decrease of the battery’s capacity which results in reduced performance. As memory loss occurs over a long period of time, it can be difficult to notice your radio is not performing at its peak.

We offer free battery analysis as part of our value-added service to determine if your battery falls below thr 80% threshold deemed unacceptable by Motorola within your warranty period.

Stay Informed

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