Locked out of Your Motorola Radio - Seriously!

If you are asking yourself, “Why is my two-way radio locked?” this article will help you understand what’s going on.

At first, you may think there is something wrong with the radio, but that’s not the case. This is a common problem with your dealer, not the Motorola radio.

If a radio dealer cannot keep a client by providing competitive pricing and outstanding service, he may resort to a dirty tactic: locking portable radios to make them inaccessible to another dealer.

This is not to be confused with keyboard lock, a lock feature that prevents you from pressing buttons accidentally. When a dealer locks your Motorola radio, you can’t program your radio to connect with other compatible models. It makes it “unreadable.”

My Radio is Locked!

We see locked radios often in our business. The story always goes something like this:

You bought some Motorola radios in the past, and they worked great. You were a happy customer, but now you need more.

But your original dealer went out of business, they’re unavailable, or the radio is out of stock. Regardless of the reason, you decide to buy some radios elsewhere.

Closed padlock symbolizing locked Motorola radio

After shopping around, you find another dealer with radios that are just as good as the first ones. However, when you try to configure them, you discover that you can’t!

What happened to my Motorola Radio?

If you recently learned that your radio is locked, your original dealer holds customers like you hostage. When you buy from a dealer who locks radios, you can’t connect them with other radios unless you buy radios from the original dealer again.

The idea behind this practice is to retain customers. Their logic is if your radio can only be configured by one dealer, you’ll shop with that dealer exclusively. All future sales will go to them.

But this is not the reality. When a dealer locks radios, it makes clients angry. They don’t appreciate being forced to shop with only one seller. Many times, this causes customers to leave and tell their friends and colleagues to avoid the company.

The dealer has resorted to unethical practices to keep their customers from buying 2-way radios from another source. But this is an awful tactic that drives customers away!

Dealers who lock their radios need to re-evaluate their business and work to gain the trust and loyalty of their customers instead. This is why you should always be careful about who you buy Motorola radios from.

If you choose a dealer that uses shady practices like this, you pay the ultimate price – your freedom to compare prices and shop around.

negative feedback button due to locked Motorola radio

Please note that Motorola Solutions disapproves of their radio dealers participating in this type of practice!

Unfortunately, it is up to the radio dealer themselves to decide whether to participate in such practices. Motorola can offer suggestions, but they are not able to tell any authorized radio dealer what to do in this respect.

How Do Dealers Lock Two-Way Radios?

For reasons unknown, 2-way radio companies encourage dealers to lock their radios by offering it as an option. The programming software of Motorola radios, along with many other manufacturers, include a feature that lets dealers make their radios unreadable to anyone but them.

This is not something that is advertised, and frankly, it’s hard to find any information on the topic. Once a dealer has used this feature, it becomes difficult, if not impossible, for other dealers to access the radio's frequencies and other configuration data.

Unlocked Motorola Radios for Sale

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