Top 5 FAQ's Batteries

We get asked many questions regarding Motorola two-way radio batteries, here is our top five questions, if your question is not listed, please feel free to call us anytime.

Q: What is the difference between a NiCad, NiMh, Li-Ion?

There are three types of batteries used in portable two-way radios; NiMh, NiCad, and Li-Ion. NiCad batteries are the most common batteries used, NiCad is short for Nickel-Cadmium. NiCad batteries are rechargeable and inexpensive, and when treated right, will provide many thousands of charging cycles, however if the proper charging guidelines are not followed, the battery begins to develop what is known as a memory effect, and does not allow the battery to become fully charged, thus drastically shortening battery life. NiMh, or Nickel Metal Hydride batteries are slightly lighter and smaller than NiCads, and are appearing in more and more devices. Unlike NiCads, NiMh batteries have no memory effect, so charging the battery before fully discharging it causes no mal-effects. Li-Ion, or Lithium-Ion batteries, are a very new technology just coming about in the industry. Li-Ions are the smallest, lightest, longest lasting batteries available, however not all equipment supports their use, and they are expensive.

Q: How long do batteries last?

The amount of energy a radio is using is the current. A battery is typically rated by how much current can be drawn over a specific amount of time. The more current a radio is pulling, the more energy is drained from the battery. A radio uses very little power while turned on doing nothing, but when receiving, more power is used, and a substantial amount of power is used to transmit. For example, if a radio that pulls 50 mah was tuned to a local weather information loop, and was always receiving, and the radio had a 1000 mah battery you can figure out approximately how long the battery would last. One thousand (1000) mah (milliamp hours) divided by 50 mah, is 20, or 20 hours of operation. Again, your radio uses more power transmitting than receiving, so the more you transmit, the shorter your battery will last, and the less you transmit and receive the longer your battery will last.

Q: Are these batteries new or refurbished?

All products purchased at are guaranteed to be brand new. We sell only the highest quality new merchandise, and only Original Motorola parts and equipment.

Q: What if I want to return a battery?

The product must be in its original packaging, must be the correct battery date code and in its original condition, with ALL documentation and must be returned within 30 days. Shipping fees will not be credited. You must contact us for an RMA number, otherwise the receiving department will refuse the package.

Q: Is the battery for one of my radios compatible with any of the other Motorola radios I have?

Some Motorola batteries are cross compatible. Please call us for addition information.