BPR40 Cloning Cable

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Please note: Motorola Solutions is under a supply distribution disturbances. We're doing our best to coordinate with Motorola, but when we call the main headquarters in Chicago, and they say an item is in stock, and then we place an order, we later find out the item is on backorder. Please bear with us and call us concerning any critical items that need instant delivery. We are stocked with customers' top-selling UHF radios, but any VHF radios could take some time.


Motorola PMDN4060, BPR40 Cloning Cable, Clone additional Mag One BPR radios using your radio and cloning cable. No software or computer needed. All settings are transferred to the new BPR radios, including frequencies, power settings, and button assignments. This accessory makes it easy to buy additional radios and not have to worry about programming information. Models must be identical. Remove the batteries from both radios and make sure the model numbers (starts with AAH84) are an exact match. If not, you cannot use this cable.

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