Tired of losing valuable 2-way communication equipment? Our FREE Software can help.

Hospitality, Construction, Security and even government agencies where customer service is key, you'll find 2-way radios. The ability to communicate within a group instantly is a fantastic benefit to all.

In 1998 the Motorola STX (refer to it as the stick) was going for almost $2,000.00. That's two thousand each. Now take a deep breath, the Saber III was over $5,000.00.

I remember as a young technician starting to work with Motorola the Saber III which was one of the government's agencies radios of choice. In fact, it was one of the only Motorola radios that I could program the Weather Channel and someone's garage door frequency codes. This was quite a hit with the local agents.

Although the price of the average 2-way radio today is significantly less (about $200.00 to $400.00 per radio), if you lose enough of them, your budget is going to feel the pinch.

If you run a business that utilizes 2-way radios, the benefits are extremely clear to you, but can I ask you some questions?

• How many 2-way radios did you loose last year?
• Do you know which models?
• Do you know how many 4 channel radios vs. 16 channels you have?
• Do you know the frequencies and codes? How many VHF? UHF?
• What department in your organization lost the most?
• Which employee?
• How many 2-way radios are in your inventory today?
• How many are working?
• How many are not?

By now you should get picture, without an effective and simple way of tracking this information, those questions are hard to answer. This information is not only important; it’s extremely valuable to any business or agency.

In today's times, whether you're running a business or a local government agency, keeping track of your 2-way inventory is important business, unless you have money to burn.

What's a business to do? Well there's always Microsoft Excel. You know where you enter all this Information, create some fancy columns, add some fancy colors and before you know it, have all this data that looks like a Christmas tree and makes absolutely no sense.

Enter "Radio Quick Tracker", software specifically designed to manage and track your 2-way radio equipment.

Our old software, "Radio Tracker" has been used by businesses, government agencies, local law enforcement agencies and others worldwide. Unfortunately, this product reached its end of cycle some time ago and we needed to come up with something better and easier to use.

Radio Quick Tracker has been referred to "a spread sheet on steroids"! We tend to agree.

With a development price tag of over $10,000.00 dollars, we're offering this software for FREE to all our customers.

FREE - Why?

Our way of saying thank you for your support. Over 19 million people (that’s 6 zeros) at one time or another have visited www.MyRadioMall.com. In today’s not so healthy economy we can make it easier for you to run your business and keep some money in your pockets, that's our way of saying thanks.

This will be the first official release of "Radio Quick Tracker" and we look forward to hearing customer's feedback so we can implement new and exciting features for future releases.

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