Motorola Two Way Radios


Portable Business Radios

Motorola Portable 2-way Radios are GREAT when you're on the go.

Keeps your team constantly moving with fantastic value and features that only Motorola Radios can deliver. A portable radio fits in your hand and is with you at all times. Portable 2-way radios from Motorola won't tie you down to a specific location and with Motorola proven quality you know that your support team is only a click away.

These business Motorola Radios are proven stuff and reliable, year after year. You can expect the best from the proven leader in 2-way radio communications - Motorola.

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Mobile Business Radios

When you need that extra distance for your business, Motorola 2-way Mobile Radios are the way to go. Because they rely on power from your vehicle, that extra boost can give you a range of up to 25 miles, without a repeater.

Need even more distance?

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